How IPS is known for providing the best spine surgeon doctors in Brandon?

Every cell in the human body is controlled by the central nervous system. If your spine is not giving it 100% support to your body’s central nervous system, you might end up having various issues that could result in lifetime injuries. Your spine provides support for your whole body, protects your nerves, and allows you to move in many ways. At Interventional Pain Specialists (IPS), we understand the importance of your spinal health, and that is why we provide the most experienced and skilled spine surgeon doctors in Brandon.

According to the National Institutes of Health, most people have an 80% chance of experiencing back pain at some point in the life span. Various factors cause spinal problems. Factors like Improper mobility in the muscles around the spine, Poor posture from daily activities, weaknesses, and imbalances in muscles, lifestyles with a lot of sitting and lying down with little exercise could mainly cause long-term spinal injuries. Your spine surgeon doctor in Brandon at IPS is well trained and eager to find the source of your problems and work with you to correct them for comfortable living.

At interventional pain specialists, our spine surgeon doctors in Brandon take great responsibility for advising patients to go through exercises, medications, ultrasounds, heat, massage, and chiropractic therapies before moving into surgical treatments. If nonsurgical treatments are not sufficient, we will offer various innovative surgical techniques to treat acute and chronic spinal pain. Our highly trained spine surgeon doctors in Tampa specialize in minimally invasive and invasive surgeries to further relieve your pain. If you are experiencing extreme back pain or pressure in your neck, head, or back, contact us at Interventional Pain Specialists (IPS) Brandon. We will be assisting you immediately to get you the best medical support.




Tools used by spine surgeon doctors in Brandon to detect problems in the spinal cord

Finding a spine surgeon doctor in Brandon can be stressful and challenging, especially if you experience severe pain in the neck, head, or back. At Interventional Pain Specialists (IPS) Brandon, we understand that the spine is the most complicated and vital in human body systems. 

There will be various tests performed to diagnose spinal injuries by spine surgeon doctors in Brandon. At IPS, our specialists use the most advanced technology when treating patients suffering from considerable pains caused by spine disorders.

  • X-rays– Patients who are suffering from spinal cord injuries after trauma will be scanned by X-rays. Spine surgeon doctors can identify vertebral (spinal column) problems, tumors, fractures, or degenerative spine changes through X-rays.
  • CT Scans – Computerized tomography (CT) scan forms a series of cross-sectional images that can define bone, disk, and other problems.
  • MRI Scans – Spine surgeon doctors in Brandon use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to detect herniated disks, blood clots, or other masses that may be compressing the spinal cord. MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce computer-generated images.



Surgical treatments used by spine surgeon doctors in Brandon


At Interventional Pain Specialists (IPS) Brandon, we give our 100% assurance that you will only be sitting down with a qualified team of spine surgeon doctors in Brandon. Our focus is to get our patients the best treatment options available to fix the root of their back-pain problems. We offer multiple interventional procedures to treat acute and chronic pain in minimally invasive settings, which takes less operative time, less anesthesia, less pain, and a shorter hospital stay for our valued patients. We are specialized in treating Spinal fusions, Laminectomies, Discectomies, Complex spinal disorders, Pelvic fusions, Endoscopic skull-based surgery to treat pituitary and skull base tumors.

  • Microdiscectomy – This is an advanced technique used by spine surgeon doctors in Brandon at IPS to alleviate symptoms caused by nerve compressions, such as weakness and pain in the arms or legs. This procedure decompresses nerve tissue by removing part of the spinal disc.
  • Minimally invasive spinal fusion – This procedure is performed by spine surgeon doctors in Brandon to improve low back pain. The minimally invasive techniques are utilized to provide the patient with minimal post-op recovery, blood loss, muscle removal, and pain.
  • Kyphoplasty – This is another innovative method to treat fractures of the spinal bone. Spine surgeon doctors in Brandon will be inflating a balloon to restore bone height then injecting bone cement into the vertebral body.
  • Microlaminectomy – The main objective is to decompress nerve tissue to improve the patient’s function. This surgery will be conducted by spine surgeon doctors in Brandon to utilize minimally invasive techniques to spare the muscle around the spine, improving the patient’s post-op recovery and pain.

Spine surgeon doctors in Brandon are constantly learning the newest and best techniques to treat patients at IPS without any complications.




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