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It is a known fact that almost everyone will experience ortho pain Tampa at some point in their lives. Ortho pian Tampa will vary from person to person due to the nature of pain. Some may experience it as mild pain, while others experience severe pain. How it lasts also may differ due to various reasons. Whether it is short-lasting or long-lasting, this will make a significant impact on daily activities. At Interventional Pain Specialists (IPS), we understand how Ortho pain Tampa is difficult for your day to day activities. We are focusing on a multidisciplinary approach to pain management in Tampa and Riverview, Florida, to effectively provide pain relief and restore optimum function to our patients.

Most of the patients who come to IPS clinics say that they got Ortho pain Tampa suddenly and resolved on its own within a few weeks. At Interventional Pain Specialists, we have a dedicated team of medical professionals who are willing to go beyond their limits to understand the root cause of your Ortho Pain Tampa. We will be undertaking various testing using the latest technology to examine your body further to provide the most effective treatment to eradicate the Ortho pain Tampa.

At IPS clinic, we are specializing in treatments for patients of all ages. However, if your Ortho pain Tampa does not get better within a few weeks or is associated with fever, chills, or unexpected weight loss, we strongly advise you to contact us immediately, regardless of your age or symptoms.


Reasons for Ortho Pain Tampa

There are various reasons for Ortho pain Tampa. Many of our patients at Interventional Pain Specialists, stated that Ortho pain Tampa appears mostly during or after specific lifting or bending movements. Age also plays a significant role when it comes to Ortho pain Tampa. The main reason because as we grow older, our body also starting to wear eventually. This wearing of your body mainly impacts joints and bones as we use them daily regularly. However, there are several more reasons for Ortho pain Tampa other than age as follows.


Over usage of your body

  • Muscle soreness from over usage of your body can lead to Ortho pain Tampa. An overly stretched muscle in a more extended period makes a significant impact on your body. With the years of experience, we understand that profession also contributes to a larger portion in Ortho pain Tampa. For example, people who work in construction and athletes who have been in the field for a longer time of their lives tend to get Ortho pain Tampa than an average person. During the initial examination, we at IPS clinics always go through the patient’s history to have a better understanding of the root cause.


Disk Injuries and Disk Degenerations

  • Usually, a disk injury can be identified when Ortho pain Tampa did not disappear within 24hrs.  Disk tear and herniated discs could easily lead to a disk injury. Sometimes, due to aging and over usage, the body will make small tears to the disk’s outer part. Surprisingly, some people with disk tears have no pain at all. However, If the disk is very worn or severely injured, the nucleus (like a jelly in the center) may squeeze all the way through. This condition can be defined as a slipped disk or herniated disc. When a herniated disc puts pressure on the sensitive spinal nerves, it will directly lead to Ortho pain Tampa. Pain often occurs in the buttock and down the leg, also named sciatica. Age-related wear-and-tear on a spinal disc causes degeneration.


Spinal Stenosis and Scoliosis

  • When the space around the spinal cord narrows and puts pressure on the cord and spinal nerves, Spinal stenosis occurs. Scoliosis is most familiar with teenagers. Ortho pain Tampa happens when there is an abnormal curve of the spine. However, this may develop in older patients who have arthritis as well.


Other than the reasons mentioned above, factors such as being overweight, engaging in high-impact exercise, sitting for extended periods, and using tobacco also will lead to Ortho pain Tampa.



How IPS are doing treatments for Ortho pain Tampa

At Interventional Pain Specialists, we set our primary goal to detect the root cause of the Ortho pain Tampa and provide a quicker and best solution that brings more excellent results to our patients. During the first visit at IPS, a member of our professional staff will be assessing the patient’s condition and his/her first treatment so they can start recovering faster than they expected. There is no greater reward for us than exceeding the expectations of our patients.

There will be various testing done by our physicians at IPS to determine the patient’s best treatment.

  • X-rays – Taking an X-ray of the body will be the initial test we will be doing. Even though X-rays do not show disks, muscles, or nerves, they can help verify us if you have the most apparent causes of Ortho pain Tampa.
  • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) – MRI is another test we will be undertaking on soft tissues, such as muscles, nerves, and spinal disks.
  • CAT (Computerized axial tomography) – CAT scans also help our physicians to study bones in a three-dimensional X-ray.
  • Bone scans and Bone density tests – If we want to make sure that pain is not from cancer, we will be doing a bone scan. If we get an idea of Ortho pain Tampa condition is heading to osteoporosis, we will be undertaking a bone density test.


After having a better understanding of various tests as mentioned above, physicians will move into the next process, making a proper treatment plan. Treatments may fall into three main categories, such as non-surgical treatments, Physical treatments. Non-surgical treatments will usually be done by prescribing pain medications and by injecting drugs like steroids. When Ortho pain Tampa is not reacting to non-surgical treatments, medical professionals will ask patients to go through physical therapy and Chiropractic or manipulation therapy. Surgeries like Spinal fusion, Disk replacements will be the last option to treat for Ortho pain Tampa.




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